What Can You Learn from Playing Hide and Seek?

What Can You Learn from

What Can You Learn from Playing Hide and Seek?

What Can You Learn from

What can you learn from playing hide and seek?. Hide and seek is a classic game done by kids. Even though this is classic, many kids are still playing this kind of game till today. This game is fun and many kids can play together at the same time.

One kid will play as a guard and he will close his eyes make a count from 1 to 10 or until certain number that they have agreed together. Then, other kids will hide at different places. After the guard finishes counting, he will open his eyes and he will seek for his friends. One by one he will find it and they will take turn being the guard.

The rule might be a little bit different from one place to another and it depends on the kids on how they want to play the game. This game is fun as kids can run around trying to find the best place to hide. There are many advantages that the kids can get by playing hide and seek.

Task Initiation

Kids will be familiar with the goal as they have to move based on the count. They will take the initiation to find the best place for hiding as they want to be safe. It will lead them to think creatively.

Sharpening the Memory

Kids will remember as they are playing about the rule of the game. Whether it is their turn to hide or be the guard, kids will have a good memory in remembering that. Thus, kids are able to keep the important thing in their mind.


Kids will try to make a goal to keep their body hidden. This includes the head, toes, and arms. They will try to make their body not stick out in order to not get caught. This will help kids to have a better planning.


Kids will try to find a better place to hide. After the first try results failure, then they will try to look for a better hiding place. Then, they will feel safer.

Flexible Thinking

By doing hide and seek, kids will learn on how to adapt things fast. They will try to seek for a better strategy to win and this will lead them to keep on thinking new stuff. Kids will be more creative this way.


Kids will learn on how to keep them hidden and not tell the truth about their position. Thus, they will have more self-control. They will try to find an opportunity to get out of their hidden place in order to win the game. This requires no sound at all to not get caught.


Kids will be happier when playing the game because the use all the brain and the muscles to move. Those two things are active and they will release serotonin to make them happier.  Also, when kids play with their friends, or even the members of the family, they will have stronger bond and it makes them happier.

Boost the Courage

The courage of kids will improve as they try to hide in many new places. They will have no fear having met the spider or other animals as they only focus on playing hide and seek.

Since there are many advantages that kids can get from playing hide and seek, it will be nice to have them play this game. They can play inside the house, outside the house, or around the neighborhood.

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