Games and Fun for Learning Activities

Learning is something that we can do without any limitation of place and time. We can learn anytime, anywhere, and anyone can do it regardless of age, gender, etc. The goal of learning is to achieve something that will be useful for yourself at the least. However, not everyone like learning especially in formal environment and circumstance because it sometimes sound boring and all.

Games and Fun Activities
Games and Fun Activities

That is why the method of learning keeps improving and now games and fun activities are included in learning process. Games are included because they have the essence of not-so-ordinary-fun. The ‘fun’ in games have benefits to stimulate and improve.

Here are reasons why learning can be more effective when games and fun activities are included:

  • Games are more efficient both in cost and impact. Using tools for learning can be expensive. However, you can create and design a type of game that have the same value of powerful tool to engage learners to be more active, creative, and happy. Cost and efficiency are the first two reasons why games are more effective for learning. The impact can be seen not only physically when learners appear to be more energetic but mentally when they look happier and more comfortable.
  • Next reason why games can be effective tools for learning is because they can being out motivation which is one of the most important keys for effective learning. When learners are motivated, the easier the knowledge they can absorb. Playing games for learning can help stimulation motivation especially when the activities involve rewards and punishments (in educative and fun sense).
Games and Fun Activities
Games and Fun Activities
  • Through games, learning activities can be more engaging because you can set up particular scenario when they can engage actively like it is real life. They will be engaged in particular environment and characters. It makes the learning process more effective because it is easier for them to grasp the meaning or goal of their learning this way.
  • Games and fun activities during learning process is beneficial. Not only can it make learners feel happier but they can learn new skills as well. There is always educational structure and goal for every game. Regardless the game is serious or playful, there is always something you can learn and achieve. Therefore, involving games and fun activities can enhance and improve the quality of learning itself. Aside from the real goal of learning, there is also another goal hidden behind every rule and plan in the games.

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